Dr NOW Direct Membership

Dr NOW Urgent and Primary Care offers comprehensive primary care services through a Direct Primary Care model or “DPC”

What is DPC?

DPC is a new take on old-fashioned medical practice. 100 years ago patients paid physicians directly for the care they recieved at the time of service. In the middle of the 20th century, health insurance became a valuable benefit offered by empolyers to entice and retain skilled workers after World War II. All of a sudden, rather than negotiating with the patients and charging what they could afford, physicians and hospitals were given a new, faceless entity to send bills to. This nessecitated new paper work, increased accounting and administrative staff to process and negotiate claims. This extra work needs to be paid for. Many physicians increased the charges they were sending out to account for the added costs. This wasn’t a problem for most patients since they never saw a bill, and the physician didn’t have to explain to them why their care was so much more expensive. With the increase charges, the insurance companies were losing profits. Thus they started forcing physicans and hospitals to start “contracting” with them in order to bill for services and see covered patients. These contracts require a %10, %20, sometimes %50 reduction in reimbursment for the physician office. So now, as a physician, you need to keep your office open, keep your staff paid, send your kids to college and pay for braces, so how do you stay profitable? Well, you start seeing more patients in less time. Most systems allow 15 minutes for a routine office visit. But it takes 5-7 minutes just to complete the paperwork for a visit. That gives you about 10 minutes in the room with the patient. A lot of big systems are now scheduling 2 visits in a 15 minute block, 7.5 minutes to talk to and examine the patient and then complete the documentation (there’s no less paperwork for these visits by the way). Do you deserve only 2.5 minutes of your doctor’s time?

Direct Primary Care is an answer to some of the problems in the US health system. Brining back to idea of a small private practice with a manageable number of patients, by cutting out the inflated insurance processing costs, and allowing physicians to provide better heatlh care at a significantly reduced cost.

By eliminating insurance we can reduce out-of-pocket costs for members. This also alows us to stream line your care and provide expanded, more convinent services.

Direct Primary Care is not insurace. Combined with a low-cost high deductible plan, HSA or healthshare policy to cover emergencies or specialist services, DPC can provide significant cost savings and a much better healthcare experience.

Learn more about Direct Primary Care here: https://www.dpcare.org/

What does membership include?


Dr NOW Direct members enjoy unlimited access to all of Dr. NOW’s services for a single low monthly fee. Membership includes unlimited scheduled visits with your primary care provier (physicals, women’s health, chronic disease management [diabetes, high blood pressure, etc]) as well as unlimited walk-in visits with an urgent care provider (cold, flu, minor to moderate infection and injuries). Yearly routine labs and all on-site testing are included. Enjoy discounted rates on all outside laboratory testing.  On-site X-ray and ultrasound imaging is included (if a radiologist confirmation is needed you will billed for this cost at our discounted rate).  All in office procedures and treatments are included. Procedures include stitches, drainage of cysts and abscesses, skin biopsies/mole removal, skin tag removal, ingrown toenail removal, acne surgery, minor fractures/dislocations including splinting and casting, joint injections (knee, shoulder and hand) and many more.

How much does membership cost?

  • Individual Adult (18-64) $84/mo
  • Seniors (65+) $98/mo
  • Couples $150/mo (plus $12 per partner >65)
  • Child (<18 years) $45/mo (requires active parent/gaurdian membership)
  • 10% discount on dues paid yearly

(All memberships require a 6 month minimum commitment. Cancellations by the member prior to 6 months from the start date will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to %75 of the remaining dues up to 6 months.)

How do I sign up?

Call 970-351-8282 and schedule an intake appointment. Meet Dr. Bates and determine if membership is the right choice for you.