Dr. NOW Urgent Care supports local businesses

Did you know we offer a full-range of occupational health services?

Workmen’s Compensation Care:

Dr.NOW is open when your employees need care. 7 days a week our highly trained staff can take care of your injured employees, avoid costly trips to the ER. All our providers have been specifically trained in managing work-related illnesses. After their initial visit, care is then taken over by our Level II certified providers, ensuring your employees are taken care of correctly and are healthy and back to work as soon as possible. Need specific post-injury care like drug-screens and BATs? No problem! Call our team and set up an individual care protocol for business’s employees.

Pre-employment and Fit for duty:

We offer economical pre-employment drug screening services as well as physicals. Ensure your new employees are healthy and ready to work. We offer both DOT and non-DOT drug screening 7 days a week.

DOT Services:

We offer DOT Physicals most days of the week, and DOT Drug screening, including post-accident, 7 days a week. Have a fleet of drivers? We offer group discounts on DOT services.

Specialty Testing:

We also offer PFTs and respirator clearance. Have specific needs for your workers? Contact our staff at 970-351-8282 to see how we can support you and your employees

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